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February 09, 2009



"Let's hope he's laughing and partying like it's 1999 next spring when he cuts the ribbon at The Streets of Buckhead's grand opening."

I don't think so.

What sort of market research did they do before they started this project anyway? Did they count THAT MANY cash-rich idiots in Atlanta to give those stores the kind of volume they need to carry inventory? Or am I just an anti-progress troglodyte for even asking?

Too bad really. I was looking forward to getting all the dimes out of my couch to afford a $250 tie, purchased in an atmosphere of complete solicitude, seeing as I'd be the only customer they'd have in a week.


Agreed. This project feels horribly researched. This town could use less condo units and retail and more of the neighborhood pubs that were torn down to make room for such. Just watching this mess makes me want to have a drink.

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