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September 10, 2010


Atlanta Citizen

How many times will the Atlanta media "report" this story? Is any "journalism" practiced, i.e. is there any research, background or fact checking conducted? Or does a self-serving press release or e-mail from Ben Carter suffice as the beginning and end of a story?

While the fortunes of Ben Carter and his organization are certainly on the line with this project, the gaping hole in the ground in the middle of one of Atlanta's most important neighborhoods impacts nearly every citizen of the City in some way. They deserve better reporting. Or reporting, period.

Every time I think Atlanta media has hit rock bottom, I'm shown there's farther to fall.


What kind of journalism is this? Who would in their wildest dream finance Atlanta's ground zero. It is like saying let's build new neighborhoods and double condo sites in Buckhead. One problem, there is no money. Listen, there is no money so we will have empty blocks of concrete and rusty wires for at least 7 years.Most of the signature stores have signed up at Lenox. A bowling alley and a movie theatre, por favor. Get real Ben

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